Patent news

The Patent and Market Court in Stockholm recently issued a judgment in a patent dispute between Osstell AB and Integration Diagnostics.

Osstell claimed that Integration Diagnostics’ instrument for contactless measurement of dental implant stability infringed their European patent, valid in some countries in Europe.

Integration Diagnostics denied infringement and also filed a counter-claim for invalidity. After two years of litigation and four days of oral hearing, the court delivered its opinion, and sided with Integration Diagnostics in both cases. The ruling was very clear with Integration Diagnostics winning on all points.

Integration Diagnostics would like to thank all of our partners for their support during the process.

This ruling is an important milestone for Integration Diagnostics and Penguin, showing that Penguin is using technology not covered by Osstells’ patents. Integration Diagnostics is now even more determined that the strategy of bringing implant clinicians easy-to-use, affordable tools for implant diagnostics is right.

The case can be appealed to the Swedish Patent and Market Appeal Court before April 6th. However with the very clear ruling in the two cases, we are totally convinced that it will not change anything.

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