NSK Acquires Integration Diagnostics Sweden AB

As from November 30, 2018, Integration Diagnostics Sweden AB (IDSAB) is part of the Japanese company Nakanishi inc.
IDSAB was started in 2015 and is successfully selling Penguin RFA, the user-friendly and affordable system for implant stability monitoring.
Even if Penguin RFA is available in most parts of the world, the combination of IDSAB technology and NSK world-wide resources makes this partnership a perfect match. With NSK we will be able to reach markets in a broader way, as well as realizing exciting development opportunities.
IDSAB will continue to grow its business from the headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. There will be no essential changes in organization due to the change of ownership.We firmly believe that the partnership with NSK will bring even more benefits to all of our stakeholders.

Nakanishi Inc., is a leading company of professional dental instruments with the world’s top-share brand “NSK”.

All its products are developed and manufactured in Japan and distributed to 135 countries around the globe.

The NSK Group has 14 subsidiaries worldwide and has established a strong global sales network.

Further details about the NSK Group can be found at the official site of NSK.